Fishing Lough Corrib, Galway


Fishing Lough Corrib, Galway

Lough Corrib is renowned for the quality of its wild brown trout and there is no other lake in Europe to compare with it. It is truly the envy of the angling world. Local anglers traditionally troll the Briceen (minnow) from the start of the season on February 15th and net some fine bags of fish. As the weather warms up, in March and April, the Duckfly (a black chironomid) hatch peaks and trout can be taken on pupa and adult patterns. You can still troll the lake successfully during this period as well as and traditional wet fly fishing with a team of flies is also very successful. Duckfly and Olive fishing continues through April.

Accomodation Ideas
Camillaun Lodge
The Fishing Lodge
Currarevagh House
Nonaim Lodge 


• Flight time 2 Hours 20 Minutes
• Bordeaux-Merignac airport
• Best time to visit between May and October
• Distance from the UK 610 Miles
• 30 Minute transfer from the Airport to the City centre